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Rick Brimhall
Your Show Low Chiropractor

My neck tends to stiffen up and cause headaches that get really bad. Before seeing Dr. Rick, I tried other chiropractic offices. Dr. Rick took X-rays of my neck and found problems that could be the cause of my pain. From there he decided what we would do to work on fixing it.

This is huge to me. The prompt and efficient way he did things was great. I didn't wait, he listened to me and then explained what he felt needed to be done and treated me accordingly. Also, the staff was exceptional.

Clara C.


I was having trouble with a bulging disc, canal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), and severe low back pain almost to the point where I couldn’t walk or even take a deep breath. Before I meet Dr. Rick I tried other chiropractors, massage, core exercise, and injections

My most recent MRI shows an 80% improvement in my spine and actually had to cancel my surgery, all thanks to the Dr. Rick!!!!

Dr. Rick is positive and dedicated, I also like that he focuses on rehabilitation and not just the adjustment. I promote PROHEALTH to anyone looking for improved lifestyle.

-Patrick F.


I was having constant back pain on my right side, worse than it’s ever been before. Before I came to see Dr. Rick I tried OTC medications and even received treatment from another Chiropractor, all with no success.

The treatments I received from Dr. Rick helped me tremendously. After the first treatment I had significant relief. At the end of my scheduled visits I was back to normal and continue to be.

Dr. Rick listened to my concerns and explained what his course of treatment would be.

-Doyle C.


I was experiencing pain in my hips when standing for any length of time; I was also experiencing numbness and tingling into my fingers. Before I meet Dr. Rick I have tried muscle relaxers, pain pills, rest, heat, and some stretches.

I simply feel better, I can stand for a time without pain and my body from head to toe feels much better too!!

What I like most about Dr. Rick is he takes his time to understand my symptoms and takes his time in treating me. He has very hands on approach that treats the soft tissues as well as the spine. The staff is always accommodating and pleasant!!

-Jeanie M


I was having trouble with low back preventing me from enjoying the game I love, golf! Previously, I tried OTC medications, chiropractic, and exercises.

About 8 years ago I had knee replacement surgery and thought I would walk peg legged for the rest of my life. Dr. Rick took his time during his treatment and not only does my back feel wonderful, my knee now has more range of motion than even when I was healthy. I feel like he truly gave this old man another chance at a new life. Not to mention I have been playing better golf than I have in years!!

Thanks for the new life!!

-Virgil M.


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